Walking projects 2017/2022

Sequere is an artistic project about time and memory, which begins with a symbolic act: collecting water at the mouth of the Ebro and walking upstream to return it to the source of the Segre River, the main tributary of the Ebro. The artist's gaze and his body traversing space and time, will be the instruments to activate a poetic reading of the territory: the experiences along the route and the space traversed, with its geography, its place names, its cities and its mountains, will be the trigger for an investigation on historical memory, human relations and territory.
2022 → ongoing
Lloc, lluny, llar
Walking as an artistic practice, art as a cartography of existence. A research project based on the journey of the Grand Tour 2020, the sixth edition of the walk organized every year by Nau Côclea in Catalan territory.
La Entrega, act I
The first act of "La Entrega" was a journey of 350 km, walking for 21 days from my studio in Barcelona to the Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera, a small village in the Pyrenees.
In collaboration with La Panera (Lleida, Spain) and CAN Farrera
En frontera (On the Border)
Walking and painting On the Border: 300 km, 25 days, 198 border stones, 212 artworks
In collaboration with La Capella / Barcelona Producció
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