Selected works • 2018/2023

Abstract cartography
Or of the vertical landscape
2022 → ongoing
Garzón's maps
Five double-sided abstract cartographies of Garzón's territory. Vinyl colors, collage, rusty iron and water from the Garzón stream on paper, 2023, 150x100cm
Sequere maps
27 maps from the Sequere project, 2023, 150 x 100 cm, mixed media on paper
Quaderns d'Envall
Research notebooks on the project "Enllumenant el buit" (Lighting the void)
Toponyms maps
Toponymic cartography of the territory
2018 → ongoing
Impossible territories
Cartographic work about walking projects: the deconstructed route
Text as texture
Cartographic work about walking projects: textual storytelling becomes texture
2018 → ongoing
The route as a sign
Cartographic work about walking projects. The route, that is, walking in space from one point to another, creates a line whose maximum synthesis is a graphic sign that represents not only the route itself, but also all the words that describe it. It is about the highest degree of synthesis of the experience, signs that represent the time and space of the trip, an ideographic dictionary of the experience.
Mapping the experience
Cartographic work about walking projects: narratives, place names and routes compose maps of the experience
Night maps (of the Burg valley)
Mapes nocturns de la Coma de Burg / Mapas nocturnos del valle de Burg
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