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Marco Noris (Bergamo, Italy, 1971) lives and works in Barcelona.

Marco Noris portrait by Michele Morea
Photo: Michele Morea

In recent years Noris has developed his artistic practice mainly in the field of painting, directing his research into two main thematic areas: ruin and historical memory on the one hand (The Triumph of Defeat, Refugium, refugia), and territory and landscape on the other.

Since 2013, the landscape has been a key element in his work, a place for events understood also as a stage for defeat and transit, such as border crossings and former concentration camps. His research has led him to deepen and experiment with his relationship with the landscape and territory through the aesthetic and artistic practice of the project On the Border (2017, Barcelona Producció) and the more recent La Entrega (2018, La Panera de Lleida together with the CAN of Farrera). While in the first Noris confronted the Pleinairist tradition, in La Entrega he abandoned pictorial mimesis to embrace abstraction, cartography and toponymastics, introducing different recording tools into his practice.

In Spain, Noris has exhibited in Barcelona (La Capella, Galería Trama, Cyan Gallery, Galería Esther Montoriol, Galería Contrast, Galería H2O, The Private Space, Casa Elizalde, Can Felipa, Galería Sicart, Piramidón, etc.), in Lleida (La Panera), in Madrid (Matadero), in Castellón (Canem Gallery), in Vic (Roman Temple, 5th Biennial) and in the MuME, Museu Memorial de l’Exili de La Jonquera. Abroad, he has participated in exhibitions and festivals in the United States (New York, The Active Space, 2014), Italy (Different Pulses, 2013 and ParmaPoesia, 2002) and France (Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2002).

In parallel to his artistic activity, in the last twenty years he has collaborated in different collective projects. Between 1998 and 2002 in Bologna -Italy-, he participated in collaborative projects in digital environments. In 2006, by now in Barcelona, he promoted the self-organization of the artists of the art center of La Escocesa for the creation and management of a new creation factory. In May 2018, he co-founded Fase, a centre for creation and thought in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Noris was artist in residence at La Escocesa (2005/2015) and Hangar (2015/2017). He currently has his studio in Piramidón, a contemporary art center in Barcelona, and he is member of the Management Board of the Art and Nature Center in Farrera.

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