Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra, installation view

Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra

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Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra1

“On the journey toward what cannot be said, we discover remains: subtle papers, shred- ded canvases, glued pieces of cardboard, tattooed skins and old wood. Veils, like layers of paint, that slightly overlap to describe a place where unity and its fragments coexist, where affirmation enters into crisis and precariousness becomes strength. Here is where the mute signs weave a story, where spectator and landscape overlap. Subtle strata, veils of pigment seek, little by little, step by step, to tie the sky to the earth, action to contem- plation.

It is another metaphor, another dream in ruins. And yet, venturing forth is worth every ef- fort, even if it means failing in the attempt; any goal that lies on the other side, once the bland certainty of the shore is abandoned, compensates the effort. A passable path made of paint, a tactile fiction that feeds on earth and air, brings closer what never overlaps even though it seems to touch. The first individual exhibition in Piramidón by Marco Noris (Bergamo, Italy, 1971) guides us towards this metaphorical place, impossible to put into words, situated between ruins and the void.”

Full text by Francesco Giaveri

Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra, Piramidón 2020. Exposición comisariada por Francesco Giaveri. Foto: Roberto Ruiz

  1. In the light overlap of sky and earth