“La Entrega” – Act I

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La Entrega1: an artistic investigation of territory and landscape, of travel and cartography.

“I travel to know my geography” (anonymous)2.

My perception of time and space changed profoundly during the Pyrenean crossing of the Spanish-French border that I carried out in the summer of 2017 during the development of my On the Border project. On that occasion I discovered the creative and healing power of walking and its power of liberation. In the Pyrenees I learned that to walk is to surrender oneself in order to appropriate time and space.

It is on this postulate that La entrega was born, a project conceived as a set of actions where walking, understood as an aesthetic and creative practice, is the primary motor. The title of the project voluntarily refers to the idea of consignment and at the same time to the idea of abnegation, a characteristic common to both artistic practice and walking.

The work presented in this dossier is the result of the first act of the project, carried out between September and December 2018 thanks to the “Arte i Natura” grant from the La Panera contemporary art center in Lleida, together with the Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera (Lleida).

This first act consists of two main parts. The first, a journey of 350 km3, walking for 21 days from my studio in Barcelona, located in the Piramidón contemporary art center, to the Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera, a small village in the Pyrenees of Lleida, 1,300 meters above sea level. The route was developed “uniting” six art centers4 and crossing 8 counties, from sea level to the mountain, reaching a maximum height of 2,500 meters5. During the trip I dedicated myself to making a kind of inventory of the territory, collecting material, recording videos and taking photos (digital and polaroid snapshots), drawing landscapes, maps and routes, experimenting with liquids and matter. At the end of each day’s journey, the delivery was certified and stamped by the place where I chose to spend the night (shelter, refuge, private house, etc.) in custom-made booklets, inspired by the Pilgrim’s Credential of the Camino de Santiago.

All this material was, therefore, the object delivered and at the same time the testimony of the artist’s dedication, of the time dedicated by him and of the space travelled.

The second part of the project was developed during the residency at the Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera, where I did most of the work based on the material collected and produced along the way. The main support of the entire production is paper, prepared in different sizes between 50×70 cm and 140×200 cm and folded as maps are usually folded. Some of the material I took with me during the trip, blank maps to use as travel logs or logbooks, while the rest I dedicated to the work I did as an artist in residence at the art center, deepening the research done during the journey.

The project, based on a strong experiential component, is characterized by a broad stylistic register and by its experimental vocation. As in the case of On the Border, the journey is the end but it is also the means, a key reading to understand what exists and a fundamental part of the creative process in which the artistic product is an indispensable component. The particular state of trance induced by walking for long periods of time was therefore the means to explore new geographical and emotional territories of which the work of art is cartography and, at the same, discovery and trophy.

Thank you, with love: Kati Riquelme, Andrea Leria, Andrea Barello, Kike Bela and The Good Good, Hugo Vázquez, Joana Cervià and Josep Rubio, Rosa Lendinez, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta, Alicia Calle, Konvent, Miquel Martínez-Vilalta and Anna Motis Berta, Marga Bruna, Javier, María and Nacho Pagonabarraga, Natalia Carminati, Paula Bruna, Marc Badia and his whole family, Claudia Karina Godoy, Carlos Puyol, Lluís Lobet and Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera, the whole community of Farrera, Antoni Jove and Roser Sanjuan, La Panera, Jia-ling Hsu, Pau Cata, Sole Pieras, Ivan Franco Fraga, Aida Mestres, Andreu Dengra Carayol and Centre d’Art Maristany, Sophie Blais, Sarah Goodchild Robb and Can Serrat, CDAN of Huesca, Raül Maigí and the Montserrat Museum, Josep Estruch and Montserrat Rectoret-Blanch, Mireia C. Saladrigues, Fede Montornes, David Armengol, Alberto Gil Cásedas, Pilar Parcerisas, William Truini, Guillermo Pfaff, Josep Maria Cabané, Sandra Sanseverino, Montse Bonvehi, Club Excursionista de Gràcia, Piramidón…

The project | The route | Blog posts | #norisentrega | Artworks

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Art and Nature in Creation 2018

My project The Delivery, Act I has been awarded one of the two “Art and Nature in Creation 2018” grants of the Centre d’Art la Panera de Lleida, along with the Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera and the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza de Huesca
I would like to thank the jury – Cèlia Del Diego Thomas, Juan Guardiola, Pere Bascones – and the three organizing centers. I would also like to again congratulate the other winner, Olga Olivera-Tabeni.

What is the project about?

In the Pyrenees during the development of the project On the Border, I learned that walking is about surrendering oneself in order to appropriate time and space. This time the purpose is to deliver/surrender this time and space to its addressees.

It is on this postulate that The Delivery is born, a project conceived as a set of actions based on walking, an action understood as creative practice, stimulation of thought and refutation of an alienating, corrupted and contaminated social system. In Spanish and Catalan, the title of the project plays with the double meaning of the word entrega (“delivery”), which refers to the idea of consignment and at the same time to the idea of abnegation, a common characteristic of artistic practice and walking.

The residency project will thus begin with the delivery of a series of works on paper made on my way to the Centre d’Art i Natura in Farrera from my studio at Piramidón in Barcelona. These papers (in four different sizes between 50×70 and 140×200), folded as maps are usually folded, will be unusual travel notebooks, which can be considered at the same time as logbooks and inner maps. It will thus be about the delivery of the work as well as of the artist and walker, the travel time and the space traveled.

If the production of On the Border was characterized by a very strict technical planning (technique, size, support) within a traditional framework such as plein air painting, in The Delivery there will be more space for improvisation, taking advantage of the experience gained and introducing geographical and environmental elements into the creative process.  

The route will begin on September 25th 2018 and will have an approximate duration of 21 days.

More info during the journey: