Images from Paratext 7

Some pictures of my presentation at, on November 11th. It was a presentation of the creative process behind my project about exile and migrants. It was also an experiment, moving a hypertext system for organizing content into the real world; so I built in real time a work consisting of paintings, drawing, photographs, notes, letters, photocopies, objects, video and photographic animations.

All photos by Marzia Matarese.

Paratext 7

This name, Paratext, conceals a monthly programme of long and short presentations of the artists in residence in Hangar, as well as in international residences, always on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. Various artists will present specific projects or sections of their work in non-conventional formats. The sessions are open to the public to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

The next Paratext session will take place on Wednesday 11 November in Hangar (Emilia Coranty 16, 08018 Barcelona) in Sala Ricson at 7pm (map).

The artists that will be presenting their projects are Germán Portal Garbarino, Paulina Silva Hauyon and Marco Noris.




Recomptes @ Sicart Gallery – 21 February 2015 / 11 April 2015

The exhibition “Recomptes” moves to the Sicart Gallery. “Recomptes”, originally produced by Canem Gallery, is an exhibition about historical memory. I will participate showing some of the artworks from my project (Un)refuges.

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Recomptes @ Cànem Gallery – 19 december 2014

I’m proud to announce my participation in “Recomptes” an exhibition about historical memory organized by Cànem Gallery (Castellón, Spain) in collaboration with GRMHC (Group for the Research of the Historical Memory of Castellón). I will participate showing some of the artworks from my project (Un)refuges.

Mar ARZA – Pilar BELTRAN – Vicent CARDA – Miquel GOZALBO – Isidre MANILS – Geles MIT – Marco NORIS – Cristina PERELLO – Pepa L. . POQUET – Ester PEGUEROLES – Vicente TIRADO DEL OLMO – Maria ZARRAGA

Continua a leggere Recomptes @ Cànem Gallery – 19 december 2014

En construcción

En construcción es una panorámica sobre mi producción pictórica actual. En esta exposición (compartida con la artista alemana Stefanie Herr), presentaré diferentes líneas de trabajo, nuevos proyectos y objetivos para el próximo futuro.

Stefanie Herr / Marco Noris
Inauguración viernes 13 de septiembre de 19 a 22h.

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