Paratext 7

This name, Paratext, conceals a monthly programme of long and short presentations of the artists in residence in Hangar, as well as in international residences, always on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. Various artists will present specific projects or sections of their work in non-conventional formats. The sessions are open to the public to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

The next Paratext session will take place on Wednesday 11 November in Hangar (Emilia Coranty 16, 08018 Barcelona) in Sala Ricson at 7pm (map).

The artists that will be presenting their projects are Germán Portal Garbarino, Paulina Silva Hauyon and Marco Noris.




Finalist at VI Painting Prize Torres García – Mataró

Marco Noris with his  artwork Refugees IV has been selected as a finalist for the Torres Garcia Painting Prize 2015.
The winner will be anounced during the inauguracion, which takes place on the 11 June at 7pm at the Fundació lluro Anthenaeum, Carrer Riera 92, Mataro ( Barcelona ).
The exhibition will be open to the public until 28th July.

Mi obra ¿Qué hicieron de vos, hijo que no acabó de vivir? ¿acabó de morir? (Refugiados IV) está entre las finalistas del VI Premio de pintura Torres García 2015.

El día 11 de junio a las 19h, durante la inauguración, será proclamada/o la/el ganador/a y las/los galardonadas/os.

La exposición estará abierta hasta el 28 de julio al Ateneu de la Fundació Iluro, carrer La Riera 92, Mataró (Barcelona).

Del 11 de junio al 28 de julio.

Featured in The Wall 4 – Launch party Friday 10th April

The Wall Art Magazine will be hosting a party to launch its fourth issue at Centro de Arte Mutuo on Friday 10th April.
Myself and the other featured artists will have our artwork displayed.

Where: Centro de Arte Mutuo – Carrer Julià Portet 5, Bajos 1/2 – 08004 Barcelona (Spain)
When: Friday 10 April 2015, 7pm

The Wall 4
The Wall 4

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Recomptes @ Sicart Gallery – 21 February 2015 / 11 April 2015

The exhibition “Recomptes” moves to the Sicart Gallery. “Recomptes”, originally produced by Canem Gallery, is an exhibition about historical memory. I will participate showing some of the artworks from my project (Un)refuges.

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Recomptes @ Cànem Gallery – 19 december 2014

I’m proud to announce my participation in “Recomptes” an exhibition about historical memory organized by Cànem Gallery (Castellón, Spain) in collaboration with GRMHC (Group for the Research of the Historical Memory of Castellón). I will participate showing some of the artworks from my project (Un)refuges.

Mar ARZA – Pilar BELTRAN – Vicent CARDA – Miquel GOZALBO – Isidre MANILS – Geles MIT – Marco NORIS – Cristina PERELLO – Pepa L. . POQUET – Ester PEGUEROLES – Vicente TIRADO DEL OLMO – Maria ZARRAGA

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Anual 2014 de La Escocesa: El Gabinete del Dr. Frankenstein @ Espai M – 18/12/2014

Como viene siendo habitual, a finales de año La escocesa organiza una muestra colectiva con obras recientes realizadas por los artistas residentes en el centro de producción. En esta edición la muestra presenta esas obras acompañadas con parte del material preparatorio, de forma que la sala de exposiciones se transforma en una suerte de taller Frankenstein, una escenificación de los procesos de trabajo que han convivido durante el año en la vieja fábrica.

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The bath

Marco Noris / Lula Goce
11′ (loop), 2009

In the winter of 2008, after a series of changes of home, Lula found herself living in the humble conditions of a studio workshop in Barcelona.

The bath became an intimate ritual, following old traditions of using saucepans and buckets, it meant a temporary change the fenced in rhythm of life, the representation of the moment of impasse that happens between the end of one period and the beginning of another.

Time repeating itself in the video is like a metaphor of the cycles of life, and the bath as an allegory for the process constant regeneration of the individual, where the act of washing oneself is an act of catharsis, a religious trance which becomes a baptism in which the water is the purifying element. A cleansing is made of the past to allow entry into the future.

More info: Lula Goce website