Marco Noris biography and trajectory

Marco Noris
Marco Noris (Bergamo, Italy, 1971) lives and works in Barcelona.

Chiefly devoted to drawing and painting, Noris passed through the world of video art, internet art and photography before re-establishing and focusing his artistic practice on the realm of painting. Noris works on themes like ruins and historical memory, looking for the keys in the past to understand the present and to get a glimpse of the future. Marco Noris’ artwork is characterised by its dramatic intensity and force: mass graves, beaten up violators, accidents, waste and dumps, police victims, destroyed effigies, refugees and mutants… his work is a compendium of demise, a collection of material and moral ruins. In this context, he developed his work on refugees and exiles, a project that was conceived from the debris of a former concentration camp and speaks about memory and oblivion and the annihilation of human beings, their identity and their values.

In 2015, in Paratext 7 (Hangar, Barcelona), Noris started to experiment with painting in hypertext contexts. The event consisted of making a live mental map along a 15-metre wall. The objective was to create a work through a performative action to explain the artist’s creative process. The use of different elements and languages (video, slides, objects, paintings and pictures, drawings, photographs, notes, letters, photocopies, etc.), organised around painting and connected to each other by arrows and texts written on the wall, enabled the artist to transfer a hypertext organisation system to the physical reality.

In Spain, he has exhibited his art in Barcelona (including the Trama Gallery, Cyan Gallery, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Contrast Gallery, H2O Gallery, The Private Space, Casa Elizalde, Can Felipa, Espai M de La Escocesa and Sicart Gallery), in Madrid (Matadero), in Castellón (Canem Gallery) and in Vic (Roman temple of Vic, 5th Biennial). At international level, his participation in exhibitions and festivals in the United States (New York, The Active Space, 2014), Italy (Different Pulses, 2013 and ParmaPoesia, 2002) and in France (Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2002) are noteworthy. In 2016, he won the José M. Vidal XIII Prize for Visual Arts.

Noris is one of the founders of La Escocesa in Barcelona, a creation centre included since 2007 in the municipal project of Art Factories launched by Barcelona City Council. Since 2015, he has been an artist in residence in Hangar (Visual Arts Production Centre, Barcelona).

Solo Exhibitions

2017 – MUME –  Exile Memorial Museum of La Jonquera (Spain) – Confirmed, Octuber 14
2017 – It wasn’t the sun, Trama gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 – (Un)refuges, Roman Temple, Vic (Spain)
2016 – (Un)refuges 1936/2016, Cànem Gallery, Castellón de la Plana (Spain)
2013 – Under Construction – Two artist show at Espai M, La Escocesa, Barcelona (Spain)
2008 – Remote locations, Contrast gallery, Barcelona (Spain)

Selected group exhibitions

2017 – Venien de lluny, Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 – Finalists exhibition of “XIII Price of Visual Arts Arena Foundation”, Barcelona (Spain)
2015 – Finalists exhibition of “VI Painting Prize Torres García”, Mataró, Barcelona (Spain)
2015 – The Wall 4, Mutuo Art Center, Barcelona (Spain)
2015 – Recomptes, Sicart Gallery, Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain)
2014 – Recomptes, Cànem Gallery, Castellón de la Plana (Spain)
2014 – The Cabinet of Dr. Frankenstein, Espai M / La Escocesa, Barcelona (Spain)
2014 – Artificialia, Cyan Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2014 – Seeking Space,The Active Space, New York (USA)
2014 – Outskirts, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona (Spain)
2013 – Poblenou artistic communities, Can Felipa, Barcelona (Spain)
2013 – Different Pulses I, Cividale del Friuli (Udine, Italy)
2012 – Delicartessen 11, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – Fresh!, The Private Space, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – Chic&Arts, Chic&Basic, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – Synthesis, FAD, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – Be intrusive, aDa gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – TOGS, DeeBee gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2011 – HFM, H2O gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2010 – Off Loop, La Escocesa, Barcelona (Spain)
2009 – D/Fest 2009, Matadero, Madrid (Spain)
2009 – Àmbit Ricard Canals, Piera (Barcelona, Spain)
2007 – Aires Nous, Contrast gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2007 – The rooms of the blue bird, Livesoundtracks, Esperia Tower, Barcelona (Spain)
2007 – People of Poblenou, C.C. Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain)
2007 – XI Premi de pintura Miquel Viladrich, Torrelameu (Lleida, Spain)
2006 – 5ª Vic’s Biennial, Vic (Spain)
2006 – EMA, La Escocesa, Barcelona (Spain)
2002 – Stanze Aperte, ParmaPoesia 2002, Parma (Italy)
2002 – Polyphonix 4, Centre Pompidou, Paris (France)
2002 – Caffementale, Grottammare (Italy)


2015/2017 – Hangar, Barcelona (Spain)


· Paratext vol. 1 –, 2016, ISBN 978-84-617-6320-7
· Imprevista n. 3, 2011, Barcelona

Grants, awards and competitions

2016 – Winner of “XIII Price of Visual Arts Arena Foundation”, Barcelona (Spain)
2015 – Finalist artist of “VI Painting Prize Torres García”, Mataró, Barcelona (Spain)
2013 – “La Escocesa” production grant, Barcelona (Spain)
2013 – Poblenou artistic communities – Can Felipa, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – Synthesis, FAD, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 – “La Escocesa” production grant, Barcelona (Spain)
2009 – Finalist Àmbit Ricard Canals (Piera, Barcelona)
2007 – Finalist XI Premi de pintura Miquel Viladrich, Torrelameu (Lleida, Spain)
2006 – Selected for 5ª Vic’s Biennial, Vic (Spain)